A Bold and Ethical Leader Working to Heal Our Communities

Dr. Jenni Neahring is running to represent Oregon’s Second Congressional District.

As a doctor, Jenni has witnessed the consequences of bad public policy on working families, vulnerable children and older Oregonians. A dedicated community leader, she combines hard work and compassion to help her patients solve problems and live healthier, more independent lives. As our representative in Washington, she will deliver solutions to benefit all Oregonians, and all Americans.

Jenni was born in Pittsburgh, and her midwestern mother and Chinese-American father instilled in her the importance of hard work, perseverance, and a strong education.

Jenni earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at Northwestern University. She began her career in rural Iowa before putting down roots and raising her two daughters in Oregon.

For the past three decades, Jenni has earned the trust of patients from all walks of life.  Most importantly, she has helped her patients make difficult choices that allowed them and their loved ones to feel and live better.

Through her experience as an internist, nephrologist and palliative care physician, Jenni earned a reputation for asking tough questions and putting the needs of her patients first. Every day, she saw the limits of America’s healthcare system as hardworking families were forced to spend most of their hard-earned pay on expensive health care and housing, pushing their retirement and college savings goals further out of reach.

Oregon’s Second Congressional District needs an advocate who will break down the barriers that stand in the way of Oregonians, and who will fight for federal solutions that create opportunities for success. By reforming our healthcare system, simplifying insurance and reducing prescription drug costs, Jenni knows we can invest those resources to strengthen K-12 education, prepare Americans for college and rewarding careers, and grow our economy with family-wage jobs.

But Greg Walden pushed through a healthcare bill that would have hurt the people who voted for him and supported a tax bill that threatens funding for seniors and the working poor, while saddling our children with rapidly growing debt.

Oregon deserves better. Oregon deserves a bold advocate to fight for the hardworking people who love our beautiful state.

Dr. Jenni Neahring is that advocate.

1 week ago

Dr. Jenni Neahring

I got this message in an email yesterday from the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network. The BIPARTISAN healthcare bill, supported by every Oregon Representative, and previously stuck in Walden's E&C Committee now will have a chance to become law! This bill will provide the chance to build the healthcare workforce, educate the public and do much needed research. It has over 270 supporters in the House already. We need some positive movement on healthcare!!!

"Hey everyone,

I have some incredible news! PCHETA PASSED OUT OF COMMITTEE! From what I understand, Rep. Greg Walden gave a statement indicating he had heard so much from his constituents about this bill he had to take action."
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99% sure it will not get voted on in the House, and even if it gets a floor vote Walden will vote against it.

And if it passes he'll take full credit.