Es un honor tener el apoyo y respaldo de los siguientes individuos para ser su próxima congresista:

Congressman Les Au Coin, Oregon’s First District, 1975-1993

Congresista Les Au Coin, primer distrito de Oregón, 1975-1993

Donald Berwick, médico, Exadministrador, Centro para servicios de Medicare y Medicaid

Sally Russell, alcaldesa interina de Bend

Bruce Abernathy, concejal de la ciudad de Bend, exalcalde de Bend

Chris Van Dyke, líder en la industria de actividades al aire libre, Bend

Mike Ahern, comisionado del condado de Jefferson

Mike Thorne, Pendleton

Kim Puzey, directora, puerto de Umatilla

Jim Shames, médico, condado de Jackson

Lee Murdoch, médico, Medford

Bruce Van Zee, médico, Medford

Lee Weinstein, The Dalles

Judy Richardson, médica, The Dalles

Maui Meyer, ex miembra de la comisión del condado de Hood River

¡Y muchos más!

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1 week ago

Dr. Jenni Neahring

I got this message in an email yesterday from the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network. The BIPARTISAN healthcare bill, supported by every Oregon Representative, and previously stuck in Walden's E&C Committee now will have a chance to become law! This bill will provide the chance to build the healthcare workforce, educate the public and do much needed research. It has over 270 supporters in the House already. We need some positive movement on healthcare!!!

"Hey everyone,

I have some incredible news! PCHETA PASSED OUT OF COMMITTEE! From what I understand, Rep. Greg Walden gave a statement indicating he had heard so much from his constituents about this bill he had to take action."
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99% sure it will not get voted on in the House, and even if it gets a floor vote Walden will vote against it.

And if it passes he'll take full credit.