Dr. Jenni Neahring has spent the last 30 years talking and listening to her patients, understanding their needs, and working with them to create solutions that help them to live healthier and more productive lives. Her expertise and experience will allow her to bring innovative policy changes to Congress that will drive down healthcare costs, simplify health insurance, and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Dr. Jenni will work tirelessly to achieve affordable health coverage for all Americans, and knows that there are many strategies that can help us achieve this critical goal. While the Affordable Care Act has made some significant improvements to our healthcare system, much more must be done to lower costs so that we can expand coverage to everyone, improve quality, and create efficiency over profit.



We need sustainable and effective Social Security and Medicare reforms to ensure Americans receive the benefits they worked for. More than 40% of seniors living alone are at risk of being unable to afford their basic needs.

Currently, one in four seniors on Medicare do not go to the doctor when sick, or skip a necessary prescription or medical test because of cost. This is unacceptable. We must come together to address critical issues like the rising rate of homelessness among seniors and the increasing demand for health care, housing, and transportation that will protect our older Americans and allow them to age in place with dignity.



All Americans deserve quality, affordable education that will put them on the path to success in college or their careers. Our public schools must be safe places where students learn how to think critically, unlock their potential, and become productive, successful members of our society.

Teachers are the most important people in our educational systems. Time and time again, we hear stories about the difference an exceptional teacher made in a child’s life. Dr. Jenni Neahring is committed to making sure we value our teachers in the same way we value our medical professionals. She will work to raise their pay and empower our teachers with the continuing education and community support they need. And Dr. Jenni will advocate student loan forgiveness for qualified Americans who choose teaching as a career after college.



Across our district, communities are working hard to improve their economies. All Oregonians deserve fair wages that will support their families. Dr. Jenni Neahring will advocate for meaningful support of local economic development efforts and more support for small businesses, including farmers and ranchers. Dr. Jenni will also push for investments in clean energy projects and manufacturing facilities that create well-paying jobs, help protect our environment and make us independent of other nation to ensure a brighter future for our children.

Dr. Jenni also knows that we need to address our future infrastructure needs with plans for transportation, energy, water and technology that will support the growth that is rapidly coming to Oregon. All of this change can create good jobs for our communities.



As a physician in a primary care VA clinic, Jenni saw first-hand how critically important it is to help our service members transition back to their communities. And as your Congresswoman, Dr. Jenni Neahring will honor the sacrifices veterans have made for our country, and will fight for the resources that they deserve: good healthcare, stable housing and relevant job training.

While homelessness rates are improving for veterans, veteran suicide rates remain high. And neither of these stats is moving on their own— we must remain constantly vigilant in protecting our vets, just as they did for our country during their service.

Our military spending needs to prioritize the well-being of veterans by investing in wraparound services that will help them succeed in civilian life. That means more than just improving the claims process; it requires repairing the VA health care system, increasing access to mental health services, and investing in education and job training for veterans and their families.



Dr. Jenni Neahring is the daughter of a Chinese immigrant and she knows that America benefits when we provide a legal path to citizenship for people who want to work hard to support their families. Her father came to the United States as a student and his siblings as refugees. Through hard work and perseverance, he was able to build a strong and safe life for his family.

Dr. Jenni believes that our country needs comprehensive immigration reform that creates a clear roadmap to citizenship for undocumented residents who share our values and who are a vital part of our communities and economies. This reform means keeping our commitment to the Dreamers who were brought here as children.


Gun Safety

The recent school shooting in Parkland has once again shown our failure to act for the safety of our children. We need common-sense safeguards to improve gun safety, including closing loopholes and implementing robust background checks for all gun sales. Yet, nothing has been done in Congress.

Within two weeks of the Parkland shooting, Oregon had at least six arrests for credible school threats. These are cries for help from youth who need support and counseling. The high rate of teen suicides tells us that we are failing to give our children the tools they need to be resilient and see a better future. We need to arm our teachers with smaller classes and counselors so they can do the work of helping prepare our children for that future.

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Dr. Jenni Neahring

Thank you again to all my supporters! It's been a good week of self-reflection, what I learned and how we all need to step up and find a way to make our world a better place. There is so much work to do.

The people working in our communities to help our immigrant neighbors, teach our children, and support our seniors and vets continue to inspire! But we need people in Congress who will work together to support our communities - people like Jamie McLeod-Skinner. We need more women in Congress and she will be an outspoken advocate for the people and needs of Oregon's Second District. Her knowledge of water rights and law will be particularly useful as we face repeated droughts and competition for less water.

Please support Jamie for Congress as she continues to work hard to win in November!
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