East Oregonian
Congressman Les AuCoin: Neahring the candidate to fix a broken system

Having served Oregonians in Congress for 18 years, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to meet the challenges and responsibilities of governing. In this crowded primary field, I believe Jenni Neahring stands out as the best candidate and someone who can effectively represent all of the citizens of Oregon’s 2nd District. … Read More

Press Office
Congressman Les AuCoin Endorses Dr. Jenni Neahring for Congress

(Ashland, OR) — Today, Dr. Jenni Neahring announced she received the endorsement of Congressman Les AuCoin. Neahring becomes the first Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District primary to receive the endorsement of a current or former member of the Oregon delegation. … Read More

The Observer
Representative Candidates Speak to the Issues

Neahring said she too has a background that will help in this situation. “I’ve been practicing palliative care for the last six years,” she said. “As a palliative care doctor, there are really complicated cases. (Often) when I walked into (patients’) rooms, they were emotional, they were angry and sometimes they were not talking to their own family and didn’t want to talk to me. I got them to talk about their values and goals. Generally, we find that people have shared goals and values.” … Read More

Jefferson Public Radio
A Crowded Field Of Democrats Vies To Take On Greg Walden

Bend resident Jenni Neahring says during her three decades in medicine, she’s learned about service to the community. "I love being a doctor," she says. "When you see your doctor, you expect and trust that they are going to work for you and your best interests. And that’s what I’ve done throughout my career and that’s what I want to do for you in Congress." Neahring says health care accounts for a quarter of federal spending, so getting health care costs under control is crucial to being able to afford other government services. … Read More

Madras Pioneer
Bend MD among Walden challengers

A slate of Democratic challengers will be on the May 15 ballot for the position of U.S. representative for the 2nd Congressional District, currently held by Rep. Greg Walden. One of those candidates, Dr. Jennifer "Jenni" Neahring, of Bend, stopped by Madras Feb. 28, for a visit and to attend a meeting of Jefferson County Democrats. … Read More

Herald and News
2nd congressional district candidate has one focus: health care

Neahring, who has worked as an internist, nephrologist and palliative care physician for nearly 30 years, knows that the keys to repairing U.S. health care are driving down costs, simplifying health insurance and reducing the cost of prescription drugs.
“Some 50 million people are retied now. In 12 years, that number will be 70 million. We’re not ready for that.”
Neahring grew up in Pittsburgh and earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at Northwestern University. She has called Oregon home for 20 years.
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Source Weekly
Is It The “Year Of The Woman” Again?

A record number of women are running for office. "I am running to represent Oregon's 2nd Congressional District because I have seen first-hand the consequences of bad federal policy on everyday Oregonians," Neahring said. … Read More

Oregon doctor running for Congress

Dr. Neahring, who is running for the democratic nomination, said she believes the key to fixing the U.S. healthcare system is to lower overall costs and simplify health insurance. “Most things that we need to fix are tied back to health – not just healthcare – the ways that we’re going to work on making sure we have a robust economy, the way that we look at our infrastructure,” said Dr. Neahring. … Read More

2 weeks ago

Dr. Jenni Neahring

I got this message in an email yesterday from the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network. The BIPARTISAN healthcare bill, supported by every Oregon Representative, and previously stuck in Walden's E&C Committee now will have a chance to become law! This bill will provide the chance to build the healthcare workforce, educate the public and do much needed research. It has over 270 supporters in the House already. We need some positive movement on healthcare!!!

"Hey everyone,

I have some incredible news! PCHETA PASSED OUT OF COMMITTEE! From what I understand, Rep. Greg Walden gave a statement indicating he had heard so much from his constituents about this bill he had to take action."
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99% sure it will not get voted on in the House, and even if it gets a floor vote Walden will vote against it.

And if it passes he'll take full credit.